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Would you like to try this?
Napoleon Mini Cake

How about this?
Berry Boom Cake

And this?
Honey Caramel-Orange Cake

Here is how:

Usually, there are order minimums for any kind of unique cakes or desserts. You would have to order a full-size cake or a dozen mini-cakes, costing you $50 or $80 or $150 (or even more).

But we came up with a better system that allows you to order just one or two servings of any of the desserts we make. So that you can treat yourself to something delicious without any special occasion.

Here is how it works.

Send a text "CAKE123" to the number 772-285-1560

(send it any time, even after business hours)

We'll write down your number and notify you about the next batch of what we are making.

Once ready, we'll text you with the specifics of which desserts are available at this time. And if you like what you are seeing, you can reserve a few pieces for yourself by responding to that announcement.

These specials either don't have a minimum order or a minimum of just one or two servings. And free delivery in Stuart and Palm City. So you'll be able to try some of these goodies for as little as five or ten dollars, delivered straight to your door.

There is no charge, deposit or obligation to buy. This is strictly for us to know how many pieces to bake and to save some for you.

You only pay on delivery after you've confirmed your order. This is like RSVP but for cakes and desserts.

Even if you don't want something sweet right this minute, still text us now so we can notify you later when we have something ready.

Customers who reply to our texts about a new batch get served first. Others only get to order if we still have something left. That's because all of our baked goods are custom-made and in limited supply. Not a mass-production run. So if you would like to treat yourself once in a while to something delicious and unusual, then please text us and look out for our notice. You'll have the first pick at what we are baking and free delivery.

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